Home Staging/Property Styling FAQs

Q: What is Home Staging?

A: Home Staging is also known as property styling, is sometimes called Redesign to Sell. It is a proven marketing technique that used by experienced real estate agents, investors and house owners. The purpose of home staging is improving the property to sell it fast and for the highest price.

Home Edition designers are experienced in using these marketing techniques to make your property appeal to a broad number of buyers and possibly reaching the best selling price for your house.

Q: What does exactly involve in Home Staging?
Q: Why Home Staging/property styling work?
Q:How much does Home Staging/property styling cost?
Q: What are the staging processes?
Q: Can I request changes after the staging is done?
Q: Can I use the hired furniture and accessories?
Q: Is the staged furniture and accessories insured? Who pays the Excess?
Q: Can I pay at settlement?
Q: Is there any hidden fees?  Does the price include GST?
Q: When does my contract start? When will it end?

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