Tips for Selling a House


Check the essential 5 tips for selling a house and get your property sold faster. In today's real estate market, home buyers have lots of choices when it comes to buying a home. How can you make sure your property can stand out from thousands of properties?


As a property owner, you want to sell your property as soon as possible, and of course the higher price, the better.


While there are so many advice and tips for selling a house, we list just five basic ones to avoid an overwhelming feeling. These tips will help you to plan on making your home stand out among a large number of competitive properties. Follow these tips to make your house appeal to the prospective buyers, and get it sold.



Tips for selling a house

Tip 1: make the impressive look of your property

Making a good impression is what we always do when we want to be attractive.

1, declutter, tidy up and clean up the whole house inside and outside thoroughly.

2, fresh up the wall and ceiling by use neutral colour paint if budget allowed, otherwise, fix whatever does not look right, even small improvement matters.

3, staging your home, staged property gives the home feeling which can create a dramatic effect on the final transaction of your property.

Watch the Before/After video for inspiration!      Or      Request a FREE consultation!

Home Staging project - Home Edition Australia

 Home Staging project by Home Edition Australia

Tips for selling a house

Tip 2: Choose the right agent

Everyone knows that a good real estate agent will improve the chance to sell a house faster. However, when coming to the selection process, not everyone knows how to choose the right one. For helping you find the right real estate agent, we list some ideas that we have been using while we are researching a good agent. 


The right agent should be honest and experienced, also with an extended networking and marketing channels to spread out messages effectively.  

Step one: Start from the pool of agents who know your community well;
Step two: Check their listing history to see their sale records; 
Step three: Visit their open home would be an excellent chance to see their real actions. 
Step four: Ensure you are comfortable with the agent and vice-versa as both of you can have an open and honest conversation.
Step five: See if the agent can answer your question unbiased. 

Step six: Read the Agreement carefully, make sure there is no tricky clause. 


The agent should also provide an appraisal with a detailed report of the market in your area and surrounding areas. The complete report should include information like school, transportation, demographics and other statistics in your property area.


Avoid choosing an agent based solely on their commission rate.


tips for selling a house - Home Edition Blog

Tips for selling a house

Tip 3: Pricing your house right

Don't overprice your listing. Most people appear to value their own house above the market value. If you prefer a fast sale, you need to be practical when you set the bottom line of your price. Compare with other houses in your area and similar houses in the surrounding area.  Be prepared to lower your expectations if you genuinely want an instant sale. Or giving a price range to learn the market through the potential buyers' response. Besides, the flexible price can attract more people to open home, and possibly get the final sale.


Set a time for reducing the price. Most of the time, property owners unwilling to lower the price. Then it takes months to make a sale. Highlight a date on the calendar to change your price if you haven't gotten an offer, and this will help in taking out your emotion from the frustrating situation and assist you to step forward.


tips for selling a house - Home Edition Blog

Tips for selling a house

Tip 4: Take great pictures of your property

Beautiful real estate photography is essential when selling your home. The internet is the first place to go for most people who are looking to buy a house. The photos you put online is the key to have potential buyers come to the open home inspection. Publishing unprofessional images will turn potential buyers away. Property photos should be taken with a good quality camera with wide angle lenses, not a mobile phone.

tips for selling a house - Home Edition Blog

Tips for selling a house

Tip 5: Spread the word

You may not want people to know that you are selling your house. However, the more people know about the availability of your property, the more chance to reach more potential buyers, and more likely you can sell your property faster. 

tips for selling a house - Home Edition Blog

The open day tips

Play some neutral music like classical or jazz with a low volume in the background. Bake cookies or burn scented-candles but carefully choose the scent. 


Don't fall into the group of stumped sellers whose properties stay in the marketplace for months. Follow these helpful tips and get the reasonable selling price you desire!

Home Staging project - Home Edition Australia

            Home Staging project by Home Edition Australia

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